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The Long And Short Of.... The Long And Short.

So, I just had to know. I asked me mates if they do ever read my scrawlings. I notice they answered, "Yes, I do," with the same defensiveness as, "Of course I pay my taxes," or "Of course I love the PAP," .... not that that's a bad thing, of course. I am grateful that they do read my stuff and more so that they still chose to remain my friends after the ordeal.

Still, I had to push my luck and asked them what they thought of them scrawlings. The general review was that me writings are:



Sigh. I had been hoping for some criticism but still, that is something. So! I should write short, to the point monsterpieces. Well, here goes.

Why My Writings Are Long And Wrong.

Because I am long and strong.

The End.

See! It could be worse, it always could. It's extremes for me or nothing. So enjoy this short post, while it lasts.

God bless,
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