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So, my aunts visited me over the past weekend.

Ah, my aunts.

Aunt #1: "Ah Jin, you know Ah Xiang (My nephew.)? The one doing computers."

Me: "Yep...."

Aunt #1: "He's thinking of saving up to further his studies."

Me: "Well, that's good, he can improve his prospects...."

Aunt #1: "What you say is correct, Ah Jin. Study more will improve prospects."

Aunt #2(Just joined the table): "Who are you talking about?"

Me: "Ah Xiang...."

Aunt #1: "You know, Ah Jin is right. Ah Jin is going to study IT and improve his prospects."


Anyway, they had bought us toothpaste from Malaysia. They bought us instant coffee and soap too, amongst other things. Which is very nice, though it also probably means that the coffee, soap and toothpaste we normally buy are wrong.

Still, it was just as well; we had run out of toothpaste, I had really been wondering if Malaysian toothpaste IS different from Singaporean toothpaste and besides, it was about time I brushed my teeth anyway; after all, Cleanliness is next to Godliness, yes?


Bloody toothpaste dang near exorcised my teeth! It burns! It burns my teeth like the heathen dental fixtures they were! It burnsssssss! I didn't think they would take the Godliness and Cleanliness bit that literally! The toothpaste stings more than the gunk I used to put to stimulate facial hair growth! Heck, what if the toothpaste stimulates hairgrowth on my teeth?!

But!.... I like! So long as my teeth remain hairless, of course. Now, with my new improved teeth, I can finally go out into the open! Get to know more people! Win Singapore Idol! Hit on chicks!

Eeehhhh. Nah. Can't be buggered. Toothpaste is great though.

God bless,
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